Project GWG: Guild Wars Girls

Its seems I have found a female Paragon from a friend on Tumblr. Tac O is now added to the Guild Wars Girls! welcome!


Tac O was raised in the Sunspear Great Hall as an orphan where she was found on it’s steps with severe injuries to her hands and face. She was 5 years old at the time and found holding her mother’s bloodied headband which she now wears as a blindfold to mask the damaged inflicted to her eyes.

It was believed that her parents had been attacked by Margonites on a pillaging run. Tac O barely made it to safety after defending herself against one of the foul demons with a fishing spear.

She is now an esteemed Spearmarshal within the ranks of the Sunspears and has been fighting against Abaddon’s minions ever since.

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